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Coordinating Holistic Resources Initiatives & Services, Inc. Welcomes You

Mission: To provide a comprehensive range of services to the community that will aid in the development and enrichment of individuals and families who demonstrate need. Success will be promoted in collaboration with other professionals utilizing a strength-based, multi-systematic approach directly involving the individual(s).

Vision: To be the premier provider of comprehensive services that will integrate professionals, community leaders and the faith-based sector to aid in the reduction of social challenges individually and collectively.

Value: We embrace diversity. We are inclusive of all who demonstrate need without judgement. We see potential in everyone and believe that we are all a work in progress seeking to identify our purpose

About Us

Coordinating Holistic Resources Initiatives & Services, Inc. (CHRIS Inc.) is a community-based outreach program designed to assist individuals and families with necessary resources and services in an effort to decrease and/or remove barriers that influence social dysfunction. Participation in the program is voluntary for anyone experiencing social disconnection and wishes to advance and/or improve daily living and overall functioning within society. Case management services will be available to participants to determine their level of care. In addition, we have developed partnerships to coordinate services in various capacities.

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Recent Updates

Making Connections and Staying Informed

At CHRIS Inc., we are constantly identifying new and innovative ways to address some of the most pressing community issues. Whether it's making local appearances at community events or announcing new updates and additions to our center, there is always something new to discover at CHRIS Inc. Subscribe to updates and be the first to know next time something exciting happens.

Tune in to our radio show as SHE Speaks!

Spring, 2021

At CHRIS, we are always trying to identify new partnerships and initiatives. We will launch, SHE Speakes, our live broadcast on Wednesdays from 2:00pm to 4:00pm on WMEG Radio. We will highlight women and provide a platform to Share Her Experience!

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Programs & Services

Serving children, Adults, and the Aging

I (Prom)ise U

Provides support to high school students.

I (Prom)ise U provides supportive services to high school seniors in two unique ways. One facet of the program will gift a spectacular prom experience to well-deserved high school seniors, who would not otherwise be able to participate in such activities due to financial hardship. The other component of the program provides scholarships to individuals who have persevered against all odds, while matriculating academically. Participants need to be accepted and enrolled in a degree-seeking program at a community college or university. The funds are earmarked to offset the fees associated with books. Students who receive assistance from I (Prom)ise U are asked to promise that they will share their experience at future forums as a means of encouraging other students.

Just Care

Services for Seniors

There is a growing vulnerability with our senior population. Seniors are a target for crime, abuse, neglect and maltreatment. The aging and vulnerable population presents medical and ethical challenges for clinicians, advocates and other service providers. Increasingly, there is a need to address the issues of those individuals who live at risk in the community. Many have significant cognitive, psychiatric and physical problems yet do not seek assistance. Assessment and intervention in these cases requires an interdisciplinary approach. An understanding of risk factors, the clinical evaluation process, competency issues and basic management strategies is integral to proper care.

Saving FACE (Females Against Conflict Everywhere)

Conflict management and violence prevention program for girls/women

 Saving FACE will teach effective negotiation, mediation and conflict resolution skills to youth and young adults. Some of the most promising and comprehensive efforts to reduce the use of violence among students is communication and solution-focused interventions. Saving FACE seeks to reach youth locally; thereby coordinating with Baltimore City Public School System, local group homes/shelters, and youth centers. The collaborative efforts of social workers, childcare staff, and behavior interventionists will implement a conceptual framework for these services. As such, there are many issues that contribute to violence among females, which are identified as and specifically designed with age-appropriate needs in mind. Workshops will be centered around the following:  

  • Peer pressure

  • Poor judgment/decisions

  • Perception/awareness

  • Parental conflict

  • Paternal absence

  • Past experience/traumas

  • Prison predisposition

Beyond BARS (Broadening Access to Render Support)

Specialized services offered to children of incarcerated parents

Beyond BARS is a three-pronged program focusing on children of incarcerated parents to curtail the repeated cycle of incarceration among youth. If applicable, supportive services will be offered to the incarcerated parent as well as the child’s caregiver to created positive communication and interaction between all parties. Children are innocent victims of circumstances when a parent is incarcerated. Huge burdens are placed on extended families, local schools and community organizations that serve children who are faced with the trauma of being separated from their parent as a result of incarceration. Children suffer tremendous destruction to the family unit. When Children are separated from their parents, the toll is exacting. Children generally experience the most traumas, oftentimes irreversible. Studies show that children with incarcerated mothers are more likely to wet their beds, do poorly in school and refuse to eat. They often experience financial hardship, shame and the social stigma associated with their incarcerated parent.

GUAN Project (Greater Understanding of Addiction to Narcotics)

Services for individuals with substance abuse issue

Baltimore City and the surrounding counties is experiencing a crisis with substance abuse. It is crucial that the community at large as well as community leaders do their part, especially those who have direct relationships and influence. We have a social responsibility to which we are indebted to in order to bring about change. Being able to confront the issue of drug addiction in a caring and supportive manner is the first step in addressing this epidemic. A large majority of overdoses occur in the presence of other drug addicts; unfortunately causing them to panic and flee the scene. During that crucial time, immediate action is necessary and essential to preserve lives. Individuals as well as their peers will be provided with self-help information to prevent overdose. Those individuals will be offered additional services to assist them with detox, recovery and supportive services.

CHRIS's Mobile Closet & Grooming Services

Workforce development services

CHRIS’s Mobile Closet & Grooming Services provides professional attire to individuals who lack appropriate clothing as they enter, re-enter the workforce or have been promoted to more professional positions. Individuals will be outfitted with professional attire  and a hairstyle/cut to accommodate interviews and follow-up interviews in the hopes of securing employment and/or promotions. Services are personalized to ensure proper attire fitting. Being able to make a great first impression with appearance can be the start of an incredible interview. Appropriate fitting, yet stylish clothing can boost the confidence of even the most introverted individuals.

Speak N.O.W. (No Open Wounds)

Program to address sexual abuse

There has been a recent surge in individual reports of sexual assault cases, yet more has to be done. Speak Now is a project designed to encourage individuals who have been sexually assaulted, abused or harassed to report such behavior as soon as possible. Oftentimes, victims are traumatized to the point of silence, which invariably cause a plethora of additional problems in their lives. Remaining silent can be crippling and invariably gives permission to the perpetrator to continue the insidious behavior. There are other situations where victims are blamed for the trauma inflicted upon them; thereby compounding the problem. Having outlets of empowerment and building consensus around breaking the silence might expose and end the abuse. We coordinate services with RAINN, a national organization.

CHRIS Restoration & Repair

Diversion program for young adults

Many youth and young adults are in search of ways to change their lives. CHRIS has partnered with Savage Furniture Repair services to teach furniture reupholstering and repair. This program will offer services in two unique ways. One way is to provide intensified discussions around life's challenges, restorative justice, redemption and rehabilitation. The other way is to channel the outcomes of discussions into viable employment and entrepreneurship. Individuals will be taught in an actual factory by workers with decades of experience, gaining hands-on skills to make furniture. Experienced participants will be offered employment within the factory.

S.H.E. (Sharing Her Experience) Speaks

Speaking Tour for Women and Girls

There is enormous power in self-disclosure and it’s not only good for our emotional health, but it boosts our physical health as well. SHE Speaks is a speaking tour provided by women who have overcome some of the most tragic, traumatic and/or life-changing experiences and have managed to turn their tragedies into triumph. These talking tours will allow women the opportunity to uplift, encourage and bond with other women and girls to identify their internal strengths and work through their own painful experiences. The goal is to help women to achieve social confidence and to set/attain goals that have been anchored in pain and bad experiences. Resources will be provided to participants as they begin to unpack those experiences so that they can be processed appropriately. Aligning with others will hopefully create a network of support and lasting relationships.

“Start where you are. Do what you can. Use what you have.”

Arthur Ashe

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